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Introducing the astonishing Knights of Bearia, a collection of 1000 unique, one-of-a-kind NFTs! Born from the mystical depths of a distant magical universe, these powerful bears are destined to battle for supremacy.

Through the sorcery of cutting-edge technology, each Knight of Bearia is meticulously crafted by an unseen digital force, giving life to an enchanting and diverse array of creatures. The result is a compelling and thrilling visual experience that you won't want to miss!

Prepare to be captivated as these fierce warriors battle it out across the cosmos, representing their respective clans in a fight for eternal dominance. Witness the chilling prowess of the Ice Clan of the North, the fiery might of the Melted Volcano Clan, the futuristic fury of the Robot Supreme Clan, or the dark, enigmatic force of the Devil Clan of the Centre.

In this legendary struggle for supremacy, which faction will rise to the top? As each clan unleashes its unique skills and strengths in the pursuit of victory, the outcome remains shrouded in mystery. The Knights of Bearia's tale continues to captivate imaginations and hearts across the cosmos, drawing enthusiasts into an enchanting realm filled with wonder and excitement. Embark on this thrilling adventure and immerse yourself in the mesmerizing world of the Knights of Bearia NFT collection!


The Stage is Set

In the mystical world of Knights of Bearia, the land of Bearia was once a beacon of peace and harmony. The various clans, each boasting unique abilities and characteristics, thrived in their respective territories, working together to maintain the balance of their world. An ancient prophecy, however, foretold the arrival of an unprecedented force that would threaten to disrupt this delicate balance and plunge Bearia into chaos.


The clans, wary of the prophecy, began to prepare themselves for the trials that lay ahead. The Crystal Bears, with their innate connection to the earth's hidden treasures, focused on strengthening their magical defences and perfecting their elemental mastery. The Knights of Albear sharpened their swords and polished their Armor, refining their combat skills to protect the Kings of Bearia at all costs. The Robot Supreme Clan upgraded their technology, seeking to enhance their artificial intelligence and robotic prowess. The Space Overseer Clan delved deeper into the cosmic secrets of the universe, exploring new celestial powers to aid them in the impending conflict.


Meanwhile, the Mutant Clan honed their adaptive abilities and experimented with various genetic enhancements to bolster their resilience. The Deep Clan fortified their aquatic stronghold, mastering the untamed forces of the ocean to better control the tides of battle. The clans, sensing the growing unease in their realm, continued their preparations with steadfast determination.


One fateful day, a powerful storm swept across Bearia, shattering the once-peaceful landscape and fracturing the balance that had held the land together. At the centre of the storm, a dark portal opened, unleashing the malevolent Devil Clan into the realm. The Devil Clan, determined to conquer the land and bend it to their sinister will, used their dark arts and cunning to subdue and overpower the other factions.


Realizing the gravity of the situation, the leaders of the clans convened a secret council, where they decided to put aside their differences and unite against the Devil Clan. An epic alliance was forged, with each clan contributing its unique strengths and abilities to the fight. Together, they devised a plan to repel the Devil Clan's advances and restore balance to Bearia.


As the united clans marched into battle, their combined powers created a spectacle never before seen in the world of Knights of Bearia. The Crystal Bears unleashed torrents of elemental magic, while the Knights of Albear charged fearlessly, their Armor gleaming under the sun. The Robot Supreme Clan deployed an army of advanced automatons, and the Space Overseer Clan rained down celestial energy upon their foes.


The Mutant Clan morphed and adapted, exploiting the weaknesses of the Devil Clan, while the Deep Clan summoned the might of the ocean, flooding the battlefield and washing away the dark forces. The battle raged on for days, with each clan showcasing their unwavering commitment to protecting Bearia.


In the end, the united strength of the clans overcame the Devil Clan, forcing them to retreat into the dark portal from whence they came. The portal was sealed, and the storm that had ravaged Bearia dissipated, leaving behind a realm forever changed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What size is the Knights of Bearia collection?


The initial Knights of Bearia collection comprises of 1,000 unique NFTs. Every single one is distinct and unique; no two are the same.


Q: What type of collection is Knights of Bearia?


The Knights of Bearia collection is a PFP (Profile Picture) NFT collection. Currently, it doesn't have any utility features, but we have plans to introduce such functionalities in the future.


Q: Will there be further NFTs added to the Knights of Bearia collection?


Yes, we have plans to expand the Knights of Bearia collection. Four additional collections are currently in the works. Each new collection will be clearly defined and considered a separate entity from the others. This means that every Knights of Bearia NFT, whether it's No.1 or No.505, will retain its unique identity, even when the new expansions are released.


Q: Who created the Knights of Bearia collection?


The Knights of Bearia collection was created by Huxlee, the founder of Badvoxel.Studio. Huxlee has more than 13 years of experience in the IT industry and is a lifelong artist. His creativity and technical expertise culminate in the creation of the unique and engaging Knights of Bearia NFT collection.


Remember, we're here to help. If you have further questions or need additional clarification, don't hesitate to reach out to us! KnightsofBearia

Road Map

Stage 1: Website Design and Initial Launch

1-2: Website Development

  • Create a clear and interactive user interface and user experience.
  • Integrate a secure payment gateway for initial NFT sales.
  • Include a detailed section about Knights of Bearia project, its vision, and the team behind it.
  • Develop an FAQ section to handle basic inquiries and create an easy to navigate support system.

3: Testing

  • Perform various tests for functionality, user-friendliness, and security.
  • Get user feedback and make adjustments accordingly.

4: Launch

  • Release the website to the public.
  • Start marketing campaign to increase website traffic and generate initial sales.

Stage 2: Funding and Expansion of the Knights of Bearia Project 

1-3: Sales and Fundraising

  • Focus on marketing and sales of the Knights of Bearia NFTs to generate funds for future development.
  • Regularly update the community through blog posts, newsletters, and social media.
  • Start planning for the utility features of the Knights of Bearia NFT collection based on user feedback and project vision.

4-6: Development of New Knights of Bearia Collections

  • Plan for four separate Knights of Bearia expansions, each with its own unique designs and characteristics.
  • Begin designing and developing the new expansions, keeping them clearly identifiable in the spirit of the trading card genre.
  • Keep the community updated on the progress and engage them for feedback and suggestions.

7-9: Launch of New Knights of Bearia Collections

  • Gradually release the new Knights of Bearia collections to the public, with a marketing campaign for each launch.
  • Monitor the reception and sales of the new collections, adjust future plans accordingly.

Stage 3: Development and Launch of the Knights of Bearia Utility

10-12: Development of the Knights of Bearia Utility

  • Begin development of utility features for Knights of Bearia NFTs. This could include access to exclusive content, special events, and other benefits.
  • Keep the community updated on progress and involve them in decisions where possible.

13-14: Testing and Refinement

  • Perform extensive testing of the new utility features.
  • Adjust and refine features based on user feedback and testing results.

15: Launch and Post-Launch

  • Officially launch the new utility features for Knights of Bearia NFTs.
  • Monitor usage and gather feedback for future improvements.
  • Begin planning for next steps and future developments.

This roadmap is a general guide and may be subject to changes based on the project's needs, feedback, and other external factors. The ultimate goal is to ensure the sustainability and success of the Knights of Bearia NFT project.

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